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Is the Autoimmune Paleo Food program a right fit for you?

When everything goes right, your body’s immune response it is a marvelous defense system, protecting against foreign invaders, injury, and infection through a complex communication system between your body’s cells and the chemical signals they produce. In a healthy immune system, this communication is clear and specific; the body can tell the difference between a foreigner and itself.

When the Immune System gets confused!

In autoimmune disease, the conversation within the immune system breaks down. In the confusion, the immune system begins to target it's own tissues. The body can no longer distinguish between itself, and foreign cells. It begins to attack itself! The regulation of the immune system's intensity of response is compromised, and damage to the body's tissues begins, and the autoimmune condition develops.

It takes a “triad" of elements to set you up for Autoimmune Disease!

1. Genes – A specific gene can cause our immune system to misfire. For this to happen, the right circumstances need to be present. 2. Leaky Gut – Dr. Allessio Fasano has studied that it takes a “leaky gut” to create the firestorm that causes an autoimmune disease. All disease or health begins in the gut? 3. Triggers – This is a laundry list of fire starters; such as: gluten, dairy, other food sensitivities, stress, blood sugar issues, GMO’s, antibiotics, pesticides, toxin exposure, heavy prescription medication use, and mold exposure.

Enlightening Statistics on Autoimmune Disease

Autoimmunity is the No. 2 cause of chronic illness today. In addition, Autoimmune diseases affect up to 23 million people or 8% of the population. 75% of autoimmune diseases occur in women. The prevalence of autoimmune disease is rising for unknown reasons. Scientists have identified more than 80 clinically distinct autoimmune diseases, and you if have 1 autoimmune disease, you are at risk for another. A specific food program and the right nutritional supplements may mitigate or resolve issues.

Why the Autoimmune Paleo Food Program, (AIP)?

An anti-inflammatory diet with high antioxidants will reduce inflammation that leads to symptoms. Omega 3's have been shown to decrease inflammation with some AI conditions. A gluten free diet is often used to reduce symptoms. Adequate levels of Vitamin D can lower the risk of autoimmune disease. (AI). Probiotics have been shown to mitigate pain and inflammation in AI conditions.

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