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The Biggest Link to Your Health!

What plays the hugest role in our day-to-day Health? Your right: the GUT! This is one of the places in the body where a lot excitement takes place. Food is broken down, nutrients are absorbed, and our body is fueled. The GUT is a big determiner of how we are going to feel that day. So, we want the excitement to be good not bad. Your gut is the epicenter of your overall health: physical, emotional, mental, and immune. A healthy gut will speed up healing, help to increase weight loss, energy, endurance and vitality, while reducing cravings, and balance hormones.

Nobody Wants a GUT that Leaks!

“Leaky gut”, (LG), or intestinal permeability is more often than not, at the root of many physical symptoms. The list of “the ways which you may feel lousy” is staggering. Do you remember the last time you had an epic stomach ache, battled “foggy brain”, handled a migraine, or suffered joint pains? These are all possible signs of LG. There’s no quick fix for healing LG, but there are many options to restoring your health, if you’re suffering from it. There have been many clients we have worked with, that have decreased inflammation, restored the integrity of their gut lining, and relieved of their symptoms. Most people will notice improvement within 6 weeks - 12 weeks, although it may take several months or even years to heal a damaged GUT lining in extreme cases of LG. Our advice: Don't wait!

Are There Tests Available?

Having a diagnosis of LG bridges the gap between conventional and alternative medicine, between what’s tangible, and what we “feel” in our bodies. It’s not all in your head, and yes, your symptoms are related. There are tests available for leaky gut. At 2 Nourish we use a combo test that detects leaky gut at the same time as determining food sensitivities. It’s called the Fit Test, with info on this website. We also have 15+ years of successfully working with clients, personalized diet protocols and specific supplements for LG and its related diagnoses. Take a look at some of the testimonials.

You May Think You are Healthy,

but are you really? Don’t let Leaky Gut create symptoms, chase your vitality and slowly steal away and undermine your Health. An individualized program with a committed expert will have you in control of your health again. Being PROACTIVE leads to quicker results and better HEALTH!

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We are passionate about helping you achieve a healthy, nourished body in order to maximize your energy, vitality and live a life that inspires and excites you!  2 Nourish provides the highest quality, latest evidence based, whole health guidance, education, and motivation available, in order for you to achieve long-term health, happiness, and feel good in your body.

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