Nutrition Reset-Detox Packages

Choose the option that's best for you.  If you choose to further customize due to your specific needs, we can always design a plan  to fit your needs.  

What's Included

  • Makes Sense "Getting Started" Tactics
  • 4 Week Sample Menus
  • Over 40 New Recipes
  • Smoothie Recipes
  • Shopping Lists
  • Connection to a Food Log App
  • Suggested Nutritional Supplement Plan
  • 1 week email support from date of purchase ~ 1-2 per week, no charge
  • Resources
  • Cost $99.00

If you are ambitious, a self starter, and like to jump in to the deep end of the pool, this option is for you!

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What's Included

The program includes everything with the "OYO" program,

  • Plus 1 ~ (up to) 90 minute basic Nutrition Coaching Session.
    • Discuss your Health concerns & Goals
    • Set you up for Success!
    • Answer questions regarding start-up
    • Supplement Recommendations Questions
  • 30 days email support from date of purchase ~ 1-2 per week, no charge
  • Cost ~ $359


What's included

The includes everything with the OYO program, plus the (up to) 90 minute Initial Nutrition Coaching Session.

  • Review of your health, medical, and family history
  • Review of symptoms, main complaints, with analysis
  • Setting up short and long term goals
  • Review of food Log via Food app
  • Review any current, relevant lab values.
  • Discussion of possible functional lab testing (if indicated)
  • Lifestyle options for chronic conditions
  • For 1 month option:  1 additional 45 minute nutrition coaching session
  • For 3 or 6 month options:  additional 45 minute nutrition coaching sessions twice per month.  
  • Text and email support
  • Cost ~ 1 month Reset:  $519
  • If you are interested in a 3 month or 6 month Reset Program, email us for the fee.


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Feel Amazing!

Gain Energy & Vitality!

Diminish Foggy Brain!

Subdue Your Carb Cravings!

Sleep Better!

"Marietta uses a sound scientific, and integrative approach. Gives you a clear understanding of what's most beneficial to you. She finely tunes along the way. She motivates you to fully embrace the steps needed to heal."

~ DK