Organic Acid Test OAT

Can a simple urine test give you enough information to help in turning your health around?

The Organic Acids Test or OAT, is a urine test that gives you a wide snapshot of your overall metabolic health, identifying 70 markers, such as vitamin and mineral levels, oxidative stress, neurotransmitter levels, oxalates, intestinal yeast and bacteria. It gives an overview of multiple, major body systems and where the weaknesses and strengths are.  Valuable information about your carbohydrate, fatty acid, and energy metabolism, detoxification capacity, and possible toxic elements are revealed from the test. 

With a customized nutrient and food protocol, repairing and restoring can begin.  Significant improvement in areas of fatigue, bowel function, alertness, concentration, energy, and pain levels, have been reported by clients.

What are organic Acids?

The organic acids, being evaluated, are molecules that are produced from pathways of energy production, methylation, neurotransmitter function, oxidative stress, gut health, detoxification and intestinal bacterial life. When a specific organic acid is found building up, it often signals some type of metabolic issue.   These imbalances can be related to toxicity, a nutritional deficiency, a compromised detox mechanism, or a variety of reasons.

nutrition deficiency. vitamins, acidsWho Should take the test and Why?

Individuals with chronic symptoms (especially those eating the SAD ~ Standard American diet) or those simply seeking an improvement in optimal health, better sports performance, relief from a chronic condition, or screening for a certain condition, such as Candida, may benefit from an Organic Acids Test.  The test results gives us clues about the efficiency (or lack of) your cells performance, as well as the state of the living condition of your gut, nutritional deficiencies, bacterial under or overgrowth, and whether there may be some type of detox blockage. It's like taking  a picture of the workings of the inside of your body systems!

The OAT test gives you a lot for your dollar!


What Does the Organic Acid Test Measure?

Here is a little further explanation:  If your body needs energy, certain metabolic reactions take place down a pathway to create that energy. Similar to A = B = C = D. Or if you need to break down food that you have eaten,  there are certain, and different metabolic chemical reactions needed for this to happen.  In the process of these metabolic pathways functioning, specific acids/molecules are produced. There is a wide range of acids that are produced, and are different for each pathway.  An OAT test gives you and your nutritionist great insight into where focus should be concentrated for better health!   The OAT test is a big bang for your buck!

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