Many approaches to healthy eating start with a list of do's and don'ts, singling out
"good" and "bad" foods, and concentrating on calories, carbs and fat. 
That's not what we do here at 2 Nourish.

Our first goal is to decipher what your wishes and goals are, and to follow your lead. We work on what you want to improve, within the circumstances of your unique situation.  By working with us, you will explore simple shifts in habits that lead to profound improvements.  We will be your guide in making small changes in a manner of ease, gradually, that will transform your life. As these pieces accumulate, you'll find that collectively the changes create a much larger impact than was thought. 

We can help you with our  integrative approach, using
Health Coaching & Functional Nutrition.  

~Comprehensive Functional Nutrition Assessment for: Digestive Conditions:  Leaky Gut, FODMAP, SIBO,  AIP Autoimmune Protocols, Food Allergies/Sensitivities
~Medical Nutrition Therapy for: Pre-Diabetes, Diabetes, Weight Management, Chronic Conditions
~Nutritional Supplement Evaluations
~Nutrition Reset
~Functional Lab Testing
~Genetic Testing and Interpretation, MTHFR

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Virtual/Remote Nutrition Therapy:

Expert nutrition guidance is available in the comfort and convenience of your home, or office, with virtual face to face sessions using Skype, videochat, or phone.  Your preference!

  • You will receive the same attentive, personalized nutrition, health coaching,  and integrative recommendations for your lifestyle as clients who visit the office.
  • We at 2 Nourish have been working with long distance nutrition clients for more than 10 years.
  • 85% of the clients at this time are virtual. Our clients are both National and International.

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Functional Integrative Nutrition:

Considers your individual uniques, biochemistry, metabolism, the food you eat, environmental effects, and directs attention to how these factors affect their ability to function optimally!

Functional Nutrition:

  • Is safely and productively used alongside conventional medicine; embraces conventional and complementary therapies
  • Utilizes food and nutritional supplements to encourage the body’s natural healing processes
  • Looks at the individual and helps structure a program suitable to lifestyle circumstances, and nutritional requirements
  • Reaffirms the importance of the nutritionist : client relationship
  • Focuses on individual uniqueness
  • Is relationship-centered approach to wellness
  • Focuses on the prevention, as well as the treatment of imbalances in and of the body.

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Functional Nutrition, Health Coaching
diabetes, menu planning, fodmap, functional nutrition, autoimmune

Weight Management/Health Coaching

How many times have you tried to go it alone, only to reach the point of "some" success,
then fall back into your old destructive patterns?

No explanation is needed as to WHY you want to attain a healthy weight! You know that a healthy weight increases your chances for living a longer, healthier, and higher quality life! You don't need a number on the scale to tell you whether you are overweight or not.

Habits die hard, and the chances of success accelerate dramatically when you work with a nutritionist or health coach. Aligning your values, creating focus, accountability, targeting goals, cutting through rationalization noise, these are all elements of Victory.  


  Expert nutrition guidance is available to YOU! 
All you have to do is connect with us, make an appointment,
Give us a call, 877-428-0555, or score a free 15 minute session! 
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