Weight Management

You know that a healthy weight will increase your chances for a longer, healthier, and higher quality life! You don't need a 
numerical measurement to tell you whether you are overweight or not.  

Your keen awareness of how your clothes fit, and when you feel good in your own skin can tell you that!  Healthy is not just a number on the scale or a specific body mass index (BMI).  

Feeling great in your own skin, is gained by replacing old behavior patterns, for positive, life giving ones such as a making healthy food choices, not skipping meals, ordering healthier at restaurants, adding in a sustainable exercise routine, and taking the correct nutritional supplements.  !

It's all about a healthy lifestyle and sticking to it!

No explanation needed as to WHY you need to attain a healthy weight!  How many times have you tried this on your own, only to reach the point of "some" success, then fall back into your old destructive patterns?  

Time to change your pattern!  

There is so much nutrition information out there that knowing where to start can be massively confusing and sometimes paralyzing. I am a big believer that there is not one diet solution for everyone!  Our wellness journey is our own.  We need to OWN it! 

Anything worthwhile in life requires teamwork, and you cannot manage what you don’t understand. ~ Martine Rothblatt, 

Is safely and productively used alongside conventional medicine; embraces conventional and complementary therapies

Utilizes food and nutritional supplements to encourage the body’s natural healing processes

Looks at the individual and helps structure a program suitable to lifestyle circumstances, and nutritional requirements

Reaffirms the importance of the nutritionist : client relationship

Focuses on individual uniqueness

Is relationship-centered approach to wellness

Focuses on the prevention, as well as the treatment of imbalances in and of the body.